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Kale vs. Spinach: Which One Wins?

Baby spinach has the same nutrients as regular spinach!

Spinach and Kale are two of the most famous super greens. I like to think of them as part of the same family, but phylogenetically they are not even related! Kale is related to collards (which just taste healthy), cabbage, broccoli, and brussels sprouts. Spinach is in the beet family!

They both have amazing nutrient profiles, as you may guess. They are both full of the antioxidants carotenoids and flavenoids. They both well surpass the daily value of vitamins A & K per serving. They are both great plant sources of omega 3's.

Here are a few differences per 1 cup serving:

Kale has MORE vitamin C (89% DV vs, 24% in spinach).

Spinach has MORE iron (29% DV vs. 7% in kale)

Kale has slightly MORE calcium (9% DV vs. 3% in spinach)

Spinach has MORE potassium, manganese, folate, and vitamin E.

So, how does one add these super greens to a daily menu for the whole family? One of the easiest ways is to mix them into smoothies. Or, if you purchase smoothies, add spinach and/or kale to any smoothie for a nutrient boost. Since I find spinach much easier to throw in to daily recipes (egg dishes or with other greens for a salad), I like to add kale to smoothies. Another fun form of kale is the kale chip. If you find that your kids are sensitive to kale's bitterness, try the more tender baby kale.

So, which super green wins? Overall, spinach has a higher percentage of several vitamins and minerals. However, the true winner will be you when you get your kids to eat any leafy greens!

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