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Taking New Clients Nationwide and Beyond!

Are You as Healthy as You Want to Be?

Dr. Diana works with clients in all countries with the exception of the European Union.

Are you frustrated with conventional medicine?

 Are you ready to get to the root cause of your symptoms?

Are you looking for a different perspective on your treatment that's in a rut?

You've come to the right place!

You've found a provider who will take the time, who will listen. 

I don't dismiss symptoms, I get to the root cause.

Don't lose any more time in improving your health!

About Dr. Diana

Diana Stafford, MD is a Board-Certified Physician and a member of the ISEAI (International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness) who has been in practice for 10 years. She completed her medical training at University of Virginia School of Medicine and residency in Washington, DC. She works with patients in an

Integrative/Functional Medicine approach to achieve optimal health. She is also a Mold-Literate Practitioner who treats mold-related illnesses and other health issues related to environmental exposures. Dr. Diana believes that analyzing the root cause of health problems, not just adding another prescription to briefly allay the symptoms, is the true path to health and wellness. 

"I just began my treatment with Dr. Stafford and had my first visit call with her. I felt so heard. She explained how a lot of my symptoms made medical, logical sense, and that what I was experiencing was real. Near the end of the call I was smiling so big because she really helped me feel hopeful, where I was truly afraid that I could have permanent brain damage due to mold exposure. Not only does she know what she’s doing to help me, but her prices make her care accessible, where many of us that go through mold toxicity illness lose everything very quickly, our jobs, our homes, our friends, sometimes even family, all along with our physical and mental health. I am so grateful to her and will take “accessible alternative health care” into my own heart and practice once I am back to 💯"

-Laura V.

"Approximately 9 years ago, I was exposed to toxic mold. I’ve seen numerous specialist, and have endured tons of testing with zero results. In the meantime, my health continued to decline and I was advised to located a mold competent physician. During my search, I came across Dr. Stafford’s webpage and reached out to her and she was swift to respond. I scheduled an appointment and she was professional, attentive, thorough and competent concerning what I was experiencing. After my appointment, I was provided with an action plan that was easy for me to follow and one that took into consideration any allergies and/or my dietary restrictions. Dealing with a chronic illness can take its toll on you mentally and physically. I suffer from memory issues related to the exposure and having everything outlined for me greatly reduced my anxiety. Dr. Stafford’s communication throughout this process has demonstrated to me that she is dedicated to her patients. I’m glad that I have her to support me through the journey of regaining my life back and highly recommend her to everyone!"

-Titania W.

Have you read The Inner Journey?

My book, “The Inner Journey," is your long-awaited one-stop shop for all things gut health.

“The Inner Journey” is easily organized, starting at the mouth, and going all the way down the GI tract.

Simply find what symptom you’re experiencing in the lists, then read the rest of that chapter to see which specific testing and treatments may help!

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Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Mood disorders


Skin rashes


Brain fog



Frequent infections

Leaky Gut


Candida overgrowth




Unexplained/vague symptoms

Seeking Second Opinions

I can help with all of these and more!

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