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What health symptoms can be caused by mold?

When we breathe in or ingest mycotoxins, they get through the respiratory or gastrointestinal lining and soak into blood vessels. Then they traverse the body in the circulation. Thus, they can affect all body systems causing a wide range of symptoms. Here are just a few examples:

Eyes, Ears: dry eyes, irritated eyes, ear fullness, ear pain, noise sensitivity, frequent yawning to pop ears

Nose, Throat: sneezing, runny nose, sinusitis, allergies, mouth sores, dry throat, sore throat, need to clear throat often

Respiratory system: recurrent respiratory infections, chronic cough, asthma, heaviness in chest

Cardiovascular system: lightheaded, easy bruising, chest pain, palpitations, irregular heartbeat, anemia

Digestive system: appetite changes, IBS, nausea, abdominal pain, food sensitivities, reflux, SIBO

Nervous system: anxiousness, depression, dizziness, balance issues, tremors, headaches

Skin: sensitive skin, static shocks, flushing, hives, eczema, itchy skin, recurrent fungal infections

Reproductive system: unexplained menstrual cycle changes, bacterial vaginosis, pelvic pain, infertility

Urinary system: increased thirst, frequent urination, hematuria, polyuria, kidney pain

Immune system: fungal overgrowth/infections, frequent viral infections, immune suppression

Musculoskeletal: decreased muscle mass, decreased muscle tone, myositis

Constitutional: chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, symptoms worse at temperature extremes

This is just a sampling of symptoms that can be caused by mold!

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